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Life Lessons According to Sweet Pea

It's amazing the way that toddlers look at the world around them.  I'm continually learning something new each day.  Here's what I've learned from my toddler today... 1.  Food tastes much better after it's sat on your head for a while. 2.  If at first you don't succeed (with eating utensils), just dump everything on the floor. 3.  McDonald's isn't healthy; dirt tastes much better. 4.  I know when Mama's not looking. 5.  Toys and books are fun, but puppies, remotes, and phone are more fun. 6.  I will teach myself to push buttons, then I will push them constantly.  It never gets boring. 7.  It's more exciting if I make Mama dress me while I'm running away. 8.  Why on Earth do I need to learn the word "mama", she's always there; I never need to call for her?


Independence is an amazing thing.  I recall moving into my first "real" apartment after college.  My parents were no longer footing the bill.  I had no roommates.  I was responsible for everything: decorating, cooking, cleaning...  My complete independence had begun! What seems like ages since then, I've now learned that independence comes in cycles.  We're continually moving through periods where we become dependent on things and/or people.  Or, others are becoming dependent of us.  Such is the case with parenting. This past week, I have been working with my Sweet Pea on her own independence...mainly so that I can once again have my independence (at least during meal times so that I can sit down and enjoy a hot meal).  We've been working on using utensils to eat, eating finger foods (although nearly every food has become a "finger" food whether I want it to be or not...think applesauce all over the floor!), and entertaining ourselves.  These skills, as