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A Mother's Schedule

I look at my daughter every day and think, "Life would be great if I could just return to being a baby!"  Think about it.  People want you to sleep.  They fix your food for you and even feed it to you. They're happy when you burp, fart, poop, or pee.  You get praise for simply saying "ma ma" or "da da", smiling, laughing, sitting up, standing up, crawling, walking, or even just doing nothing at all.  Plus, you've done a full day's work after simply playing with toys all day.  Oh, this is definitely the life!

A mother's day, on the other hand, is never finished.  We spend all day taking care of our loved ones, making sure they have everything they need, fixing broken toys or mending torn clothes, reading stories that rhyme, singing songs about farm animals or the wheels on a bus, and then try to find time to sleep to have the energy to do it all over again the next day.  This is not to mention that some of us also have "day jobs" to complete as well!

I am lucky enough to have a husband who attempts to understand all that I do in a day.  But, his lack of understanding isn't completely his fault.  He comes home from work and asks me how my day was.  Most of the time I simply answer, "Oh, the normal."  And, this is partly true.  But, how can someone really understand what normal is for a mother if they've never been one?  Well, here's my normal schedule (realizing that I work out of my home)...
2:00 AM (when lucky)
Awoken by crying child who needs either to be fed, changed, comforted, sung to, reassured, or generally loved
6:00 AM 
Awoken by same child who is ready to start the day.  Diaper needs changed.  Child needs fed and clothed
6:30 AM
Child is entertained by mother who is also trying to take a shower and get dressed
7:30 AM 
Mom begins her "day job", entertains child, and eats breakfast simultaneously
8:00 AM 
Child takes first morning nap
9:00 AM 
Child wakes and is ready for the next meal and a diaper change
9:30 AM 
Child entertains mom while she tries to work
11:00 AM 
Child takes second nap of the day (thankfully, the longest nap).  Mom continues her "day job".  Mom also tries to remember to eat lunch
1:00 PM
Child wakes up hungry and in need of yet another diaper change
1:30 PM
Mom has to change clothes because child has spit up all over her.  Mom and child read together (Mom has the books memorized)
2:00 PM
Mom and Child go on a walk or take a trip to the local coffee shop
3:30 PM
Child takes nap # 3 while Mom tries to determine what to make for dinner
4:00 PM
Mom tries to tidy up the house before Dad returns home
4:30 PM
Child wakes up ready to eat and have another diaper change
5:00 PM
Child plays while Mom tries to keep the house clean and not burn dinner she is making
6:00 PM
Dad arrives home and says what a long day he had while he takes shoes off and relaxes on the couch
6:30 PM
Dinner is served
7:00 PM
Mom cleans dishes and tries to prepare leftovers for Dad to take to work tomorrow while Dad plays with Child
7:30 PM
Child is ready for a bath, given by Mom
8:00 PM
Child is fed for the (hopefully) final time of the day
8:30 PM
Mom reads books to Child, sings songs, and says nighttime prayers
9:00 PM
Mom cleans up (yet again) the mess from the day
9:30 PM
Mom tries to get ready for bed while throwing a load of laundry into the wash
10:00 PM
Dad goes to bed while Mom checks email and breathes
10:30 PM
Mom changes the laundry from the wash to the dryer
11:00 PM
Mom goes to bed

If you're a busy mom, leave a comment below telling us how you stay organized, find time for yourself, or generally keep your sanity.

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  1. Hi there,
    I found you on Mom Bloggers Club and I like your blog.

    I'm a first time Mom with a 2 month old and being domesticated is relatively new for me too. So when it comes to staying organized, it's been a lot of trial and error. For the past few weeks, I've been relying on a whiteboard calander to keep track of what needs to be done around the house on a weekly basis.

    Before using it, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything done all at once. But now, when I look at the bathroom and I see that it's in need of a cleaning, I don't get stressed about it because I know that it is one of the tasks that I will be doing on Thursday.

    Head on over to my blog and check it out and become a follower:



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