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Bummis' Bio Soft Liners

Changes happen all the time.  I loved the change when my darling daughter went from crying all the time to smiling, giggling, and sleeping 12, long, joyous hours at night.  These are the good changes that every mother looks forward to.  I loved the excitement of teaching my baby how to say "ma ma" (even though the "D" word came first), watching her little fingers learn how to grasp objects, and eventually learning to eat solid foods and drink water.  Oh, how some changes can be wonderful!

But, even the wonderful changes have their downfalls.  The excitement of introducing solid food to babies inevitably brings with it the change of the not-so-smelly (especially if breastfed) poops to the ever-poignant aroma of digested peaches, apples, chicken, green beans, carrots, mangoes, rice get the picture (dare I need to show you one?!).  And, when you add cloth diapers to this ever-expanding picture, things really do get a bit sticky.

Here's where Bummis' Bio Soft liners come in.  The liners come in two different sizes.  I didn't even bother with the small, but went straight to the large.  It worked just fine.  You simply add the liner to the top of the diaper in order to keep that sticky, peanut butter consistency off the cloth diaper so that it can simply be flushed down the toilet.  Then, you wash the diaper as normal: no scrubbing at all!

Now, all of this sounds a lot easier said than done.  While I am now a huge fan of Bummis' liners, there are some tricks to using them.  First, because Baby is now on solid food, that probably also means that Baby is big enough to squirm, kick, roll, and do everything else in his/her power to not have a proper diaper change.  When you add prefolds into this mix, doing an angel fold becomes a bit more complex.  You cannot pre-arrange the diaper and expect that Baby will stay nice and still while you add the liner to the top in just the right manner so that it stays in place and the diaper is covered.  It may take a while to experiment with the best way to arrange the prefold - it took me about a week.  When using pocket or AIO diapers, the liners would be a lot easier.

This may sound like a lot of work, but I still think it's worth it in the end.  Not only are you still saving money by using cloth diapers, but you're also saving time by not having to stand over the toilet scrubbing diapers.  Plus, you can still travel out and about with Baby in cloth diapers - just needing to visit a restroom for #2 and simply disposing of those #1 liners in the waste.

The only other downfall to these liners is that they are not reusable.  While the packaging doesn't say that they're resuable, I attempted washing the #1 liners.  After all, why waste the liner if it's not been used for its purpose?  Well, the liners disintegrated in the wash...which made me feel better about flushing those #2 liners down the drain - knowing they disintegrate easily.

The last note I have regarding Bummis' Bio Soft liners is that they truly are soft.  Compared to the other disposable liners I bought, these had the best feel to them.  I have been impressed and will continue to use these.

If you're interested in purchasing Bummis' Bio Soft Liners...



  1. Such a great idea, I used fleece liners which had to be washed but did keep most of the mess off the actual diaper. I'll be looking into these for this one for sure! Have you tried the toiled sprayer? It really does make the clean up a lot easier.


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