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4 things I don't want for Valentines Day

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved Valentines Day.  There's something about knowing that you have a person out there in this world - be it a parent, friend, significant other, or spouse - who cares for you enough to give you a small (or large) semblance of their love for you.

The gifts don't have to be expensive or luxurious.  After all, it's the thought that matters.  But, over the years, I've found that there are numerous gifts that just do not portray love in the way that I would like it expressed on this holiday.  So, here are the gifts I do not want to receive on Valentines Day.

Yes, yes, yes, it's the age-old adage of truth.  I may have told you just how much I want to get that new vacuum or the latest and greatest blender, but please do not buy it for me for Valentines Day.  I do not need a reminder of the chores that need to get done around the house.  Getting me a new appliance does not show that you love me - it shows that you love the things I do.

But, do not go returning that new coffee maker that I've been desperate to finally get. If you've already spent the money on a new appliance and thought it would be the perfect gift for Valentines Day, then go one step forwards and use it on Valentines Day.  Make me breakfast in bed with my new coffee maker or blender.  Clean the house with the dirt-defying vacuum.  Go beyond the simplicity of giving me a new appliance by demonstrating your love...and its use.

Time with the kids
You know just how much I love the kids and how much I love for them to demonstrate their love to me.  But, giving me - their mother - the gift of time with them...time that I get EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. is not showing me your love for me.

However, I do want to spend time with the kids.  I do want them to be a witness to the type of love that they hopefully grow and gain  (when they're 35).  So, allow them to help with Valentines preparations.  Teach them how to demonstrate to other people what love really is.  We can still spend time together as a family, but we also need our children to know that our love for our family is something completely different - and separate - than our love for each other.

Something sexy
This one's for my husband...and, yes, we're going here.  If you're buying me something you think is sexy and want me to wear it, then it's not a gift for me.  It's a gift for you.  Valentines Day is not the day to buy yourself something.  So, just don't.

Yet, don't go returning that new outfit or lingerie.  After all, they probably are really nice.  Instead, use these clothing items to demonstrate how you feel about me and talk to me about it.  Your words will make me feel sexier than a new outfit (no matter the quantity of skin it does or does not cover).  Also, don't underestimate the simple power of a few candles and a bubble bath before showing off the new article(s) of clothing.

As much as I love technology, I've never had a new gadget tell me it loves me.  Most of the time, new pieces of technology leave me enclosed in a bubble of figuring them out.  I become so entrenched in their set up that I don't pay any attention to what's surrounding me.  This doesn't allow much quality time for you and me.  Yes, I may have been telling you just how much I really want this new piece of technology and how much simpler it would make my life, but let's just hold off on it for this holiday.

Instead, let's use the technology that we currently have to make a reservation at a restaurant or a hotel.  Let's purchase tickets to that movie or show we've both been wanting to see.  Let's travel the road less seen and spend time together.  Maybe we can start a new holiday: February 15th as Technology Day.

If you're still having trouble deciding what to get me - or not get me - don't forget that sometimes the simplest things express the greatest amount of love.  A handmade card, fresh-picked flowers, a homemade dinner, breakfast in bed, holding hands while taking a walk, or sitting together and enjoying isn't nearly as important as the emotion behind the gift.

However, if you really need a suggestion, a box of fabulous tasting chocolates (I prefer Moostruck) and a great bottle of wine or bubbly is always a winner.


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